Licorne, Merlin & Cie - spin off d'Oracle, Magie & Co

Unicorn, Merlin & Cie - spin off from Oracle, Magie & Co


Year 525 AD BC – Tipperary [1] in Ireland – Fairy Throne Room

The assembly is silent with amazement and frozen in horror as the voice of its new Summer Queen fades away. Only stunned silence responds to his extraordinary declaration because such an event has never happened before.
The previous Winter Queen fled, leaving only the succinct note that was just read and no one had ever considered such a scenario. Because the role of Queen of the Fairies is not only an immense honor, but above all a vital position for the balance of Nature.
What will now happen to the assembled court?? Is the new Summer Queen who has just ascended the throne even legitimate?? Because as long as the former is alive even though it has abdicated, the latter is not the depositary of the power of Nature, the power of one having not been transferred to the other. Is this intermediate and unique solution really viable?? From living memory, nothing allows us to project anything with this hypothesis.
Worried murmurs rustle throughout the room, amplified by the immense stone vault, but no one really dares to speak out against Eleanor's decision. Because before being the new symbol of royalty, she was the leader of the Boudicca squadron [2] , the warriors of their people. Moreover, the latter orders the tracking down and putting to death of the former Queen for high treason towards her community and Nature. The reason? No fairy can bond with a man, whoever he may be, outside of the annual regulatory mating programmed to perpetuate the species. However, the previous Winter Queen abandoned her charge for a Druid . This is the heretical excuse she used to try to justify her unacceptable action.
— This infamy cannot be tolerated! shouts Eleanor, whose angry voice reverberates on the vaults of the fort as brutally as a rumble of thunder before lightning. Until the traitor's energy returns to me, all Winter fairies here are required to provide me with their power before being banished.
Maeven, second Winter Fairy after the former Queen, protests the injustice of this decision vehemently because the court cannot do without the balance of Summer and Winter fluids.
“It’s unthinkable,” she concluded forcefully. The course of Nature would be disrupted!
- The balance will be preserved, retorts the new monarch with an evil smile, because I will have the power of winter in addition to that of summer. It was your Queen who put us in this situation, so it is only fair that you make amends for her failure. By abandoning her duty, she has condemned you all at the same time. We cannot risk such an event happening again and it is my responsibility to ensure that it never happens again. This is why from now on, the throne will return to a Summer fairy to whom I will transmit the Winter power received, when the time comes. As for your protest, I take note of it, but...
At a sign from Alénior, a Boudicca behind her throne, nimbly draws her bow and pierces the heart of the impudent woman with an iron arrow.! Then slowly descending the steps, she takes her time so that everyone can clearly see the torture of the one who dared to upset her Queen. Precisely breaking the ribs of the woman collapsed on the ground, she takes the still throbbing heart out of its cavity. Raising it high at arm's length so that everyone can see her gesture, she bows before the platform at the foot of the throne to offer it to the one who is the only leader of their people in her eyes. The latter hastens to greedily suck up the vital essence of this sacrifice before it returns to Nature. This done, a veil of frost envelopes her as she rises to renew her decree with force.
“Or, as you can see, you can just die,” she says with a wicked smile. Either you give me your powers willingly, or I will get them when you die.
Still stunned by this violent and sudden act, the hundred Winter fairies finally fell to their knees, heads bowed. Little by little, each casts the transfer charm so as not to suffer the same fate as their fellows, dejected by the impact of their former Queen's crime on their community. Because they also realize at this moment that the long and harsh winter which has lasted for almost a year is certainly the result of the negligence of their previous leader. She, no longer busy cooing with her Druid, has neglected her duty to watch over the balance of the seasons and the regeneration of Nature. Maeven, her second, did everything to push aside her rivals and be the Queen's only advisor. In doing so, she endorsed the irresponsible behavior of their sovereign to better establish her own position at court. However, none of them intervened to remind them of their failings: somewhere, they all let them do it and must also assume their share of responsibility in this situation...
Full of resentment at this betrayal that they condoned without really realizing it, they all slowly head towards the exit without a word, dejected by the enormity of this event and under the contemptuous gaze of the Summer fairies. Suddenly, shouts ring out in the group and a stampede undulates like a groundswell. The Boudicca waited for the signal from their Queen to shoot their arrows into the backs of the doomed fairies who fell like flies in this rain of iron.
“Throw their bodies into the sea,” orders Eleanor, drunk with the power she has just received. By their betrayal, even passive, they do not deserve to return to mother earth. Tomorrow, during the full moon, I will make summer reign again on the planet. This will be our advent. And the world will forget that winter ever existed!

Siobhan—Winter Fairy

The new Queen was quick to show her true face, that of crazy ambition. She always wanted to rule and was impatient to have to wait her turn. Obviously, she couldn't miss this opportunity to seize the throne decades in advance. In addition, she ensures the loyalty of her Summer Court with this insane promise about the future transfer of power: each fairy on her side will do everything to be the future heiress.
I can only bow before her and submit to her yoke, just like my companions. But I retain some of my power because there is no question of being delivered to the human world defenseless. The position of women there is even worse than that of a mangy dog! I have a daughter to protect in my womb, even if her spark has only just ignited within me. With the influx of fey energy exchanged by all of us, no one should notice that I am saving some of it, sharing it with my fetus to hide it.
Having remained at the back of the room during the summons, I am finally the first at the door, so eager am I to get away from this heavy atmosphere to find the invigorating air of the sea that our fort overlooks. Finally, the fort of the Summer fairies and not mine anymore, I can't help but think with bitterness.
However, I had barely placed my hand on the handle when a strong push from my back caused me to turn, stumble and crash against the heavy wooden door which suddenly opened under the impact. I collapse to the ground as a sharp, sharp pain pierces through me. I then realize that it is not my fall that is causing me this unbearable pain, but an arrow! Which, if I had not deviated from my route at the last moment, would have hit me directly in one lung, whereas I was only hit on one rib.
Eleanor may well call us traitors, but she is also one, and not the least. She dared to shoot us in the back without warning! Outraged by this disgusting act, I fight against the pain by gritting my teeth to sneak around the side of the open door and out of sight of the room. Leaning against the stone wall and hidden by the wooden leaf of the door, I painfully remove the cursed iron point from my rib while praising Nature for not having been touched at a vital point, like my sisters . I hear the Boudicca, sure of their victory, taking their time to finish off my companions...
Even if I have some power left, I can't do anything for them. My heart heavy with guilt at abandoning them to their sad fate, I resolve to concentrate on my daughter, because perhaps I can save her. Gathering what little energy I can summon, I wrap myself in a travel bubble before being discovered. It's at the last minute because I hear footsteps approaching me just as I'm escaping. Unfortunately, I don't go further than the edge of the forest surrounding the fort. Getting out of the building is a crucial first step, but insufficient if I want to hope to escape.
Catching my breath as best I can, I force myself to cover the few meters that separate me from a century-old oak tree to climb into its foliage which is my only chance of survival. Because I saw a ball of mistletoe. To treat my iron wound, only oak mistletoe, very rare, can save me. If I can heal the wound, I will have a small chance of regaining the strength to survive the wrath of this cruel Queen. Because I can no longer recognize it as mine. Not after his vile act!
Tomorrow, she will inevitably be at the circle of sacred dolmens, which will be my only chance of being able to leave Ireland for England. So that my daughter can live! To perpetuate the cycle of winter which is essential to Nature, contrary to what Eleanor wants you to believe. And as the last representative of the Winter Court, I will not shirk my duty.
It is on this wishful thinking, after having hastily placed a mistletoe plaster on my bloody wound that I lose consciousness, abandoning myself to the energy of the trees, the wind and the rain which fell suddenly as if to manifest the sorrow of Nature in the face of this infamy. I am enveloped by earth, air and water. And the fire of my anger burns in my heart!
The elements of life all come together: a coincidence or to protect me?
I prefer to believe in Mother Nature whom I thank before passing out.

Chapter 1

Selene (aka Barbie)

Nowadays – Domaine des Magnolias – Louisiana.

L ike every morning, I watch the sun rise over the bayou from the terrace on stilts of our little wooden house on the banks of the river. The spectacle of the iridescence of the rays on the water is truly beautiful, and I never tire of it. Jarod, my husband, joins me and gently embraces me, holding me against his chest.
— Do you know that in a week, it will be a year since we met? he whispers in my ear with his hoarse and warm voice. If you had told me that when I opened the door to your esoteric boutique in Paris, I would find myself with you near New Orleans, I would never have believed you.
— First of all, if anyone could have predicted something to you, it would have been Grandma since she was the medium at the time. And in a way, she did when she asked me to involve you in all the magical mess we had to deal with.
- And anyway, I'm your twin flame, so we would have found each other one way or another if I understood correctly, he concluded, brushing my neck with his greedy lips.
It's true. Before, I had no real idea that a hidden supernatural world actually existed.
But that was before.
Now my heart family includes a medium, a Mage, a ghost – normally two but the first one I don't even want to hear about – and my husband who is human, but with very special blood that can nullify all forms of magic .
Oh, and two Unicorns too.
Who appeared just after our wedding in the park of the estate where we settled after all this business with the Magi. “The awakening of ancestral forces”, as predicted by Grandmother and my SBFF [3] , Sybille, through their tarot readings. But except that they are there now and that it's for my apple, we don't know more about them.
Obviously, the Universe did not think to give the instructions that go with it, pfff... Even if I will never openly admit it, Dick, the mafia ghost linked to my sister, is right: "They are used to Nothing, these damn nags.” Because apart from eating and sleeping, I haven't been able to understand what they're doing there or what they want for months. When they appear, I am the only one who can approach them to give them their daily ration of carrots at 11:00 a.m. sharp, but for the rest... As soon as they have finished eating, they go back to hide who knows where until the the following day.
— I would like us to go to Paimpol for our anniversary, Jarod murmurs, pulling me out of my thoughts. What do you think ?
I say I would like it. It had been planned for a long time. But we had to give it up with the appearance of the magical critters, because I didn't want to move away when it appeared that they were attached to me. However, since nothing has happened with them for ages, perhaps we could take the risk of leaving for a few days after all.
Because I want to find my past, my roots. Because with all the revelations of the last year, I don't know who I really am anymore. All these unanswered questions are bothering me more and more lately and it must show on my face because my husband is trying to reassure me.
“You are the woman of my life, Sybille’s beloved sister, Charlie’s doll and the unicorn fairy,” he declares tenderly.
He always knew how to comfort me with a few words, without me even having to say anything. But the root of the problem tickles me more and more. Learning that my parents weren't after all was a relief at first. An abusive and junkie couple is not necessarily what you want to put on your family tree. Still, learning that I'm a fairy when I have no idea of ​​my power or my past isn't comfortable either. How do I know what I want for my future if I don't know where I come from?
Sarah, Sybille's grandmother, officially adopted me with the generosity that characterized her. And even though I was built thanks to the two of them who accepted me when I was just an orphan tossed around by the Child Protection system, a part of me feels… incomplete.
I need to know my history to be able to write my future. Well I think. Sybille keeps telling me that no matter the past, it's what I do that determines my life, but the child in me, beaten and rejected, is deeply hurt and lost. This wound never healed completely despite the love I subsequently received, and determined a large part of my “strong character”, as my sister describes it in her very diplomatic way. But when life doesn't give you any gifts, you tend to hit back. Or even uncheck them first.
Anyway, I tell myself that it can't hurt to look for my roots, right? And Jarod understands this perfectly. That's why he suggests I go to a lost hole in the heart of the Brocéliande forest, whereas for a vacation, he dreams more of a heavenly beach. I am even more grateful to have someone close to me who loves me without needing grandiose proof from me. I must admit that emotional displays are really not my strong point. Even if I work on it and progress a little every day.
— Hey, you're finally up! Charlie exclaims. It's not too early.
— Rhooo, it's okay, it's barely 6:30 a.m., I respond, sighing to my ghost while informing my husband of this invasive presence.
Because Charlie bonded with me at the moment of his death, when he sacrificed himself to save us from the evil Mage we fought. Since then, he has loved his new life as an incorporeal spirit free from all material contingencies. This gives him more time and possibilities to rummage around the Internet and stick his nose everywhere. Basically, he was a genius hacker, now, with his ability to move wherever he wants without being spotted, he is an unrivaled asset in his game.
But Jarod, as a human, is the only one who can't hear or see him, and I have to act as a relay so that they can communicate together. Which sometimes gives rise to crazy dialogues when they get confused. Like when Charlie finally admitted to having hijacked the bad Mages' holding company for our benefit... My husband being an honest police officer, it was a difficult pill for him to swallow.
— I finally found the contact details of the last family to notify, Bro.
When magic arrived with a bang and shattered our lives, we uncovered a large-scale conspiracy in the Mage community.
We then discovered hundreds of unsolved murders. They involved “normal” women for whom we concocted a plausible story to give to the public and the police services involved. The case also caused a stir last year when Interpol made it public. Just think, a serial killer versed in voodoo and rampant for decades, that was whey for the media. It even seems that Netflix is ​​considering a series inspired by the story. However, we also discovered that in the previous century there had been many other murders of "special" humans who claimed to be shamans or witches. Since the bodies had never been found, no one had made the connection until then. Lots of families were therefore waiting for answers on the fate of a loved one for years in complete indifference or in the impossibility of finding any lead from the investigation services.
Jarod was, basically, a lieutenant in the Paris criminal department, but he resigned to deal with these particular cases of disappearances in order to provide clarification to the families, even if it is for the next generation. Watered-down explanations also linked to a secret sect, but which still allow them to finally mourn. Not knowing what happened to a missing loved one is, in my opinion, the worst torture because we oscillate between hope, anger and fear.
“Thank you,” my husband said with veiled emotion. Do you know if she tried to find out?
Because this story moves him a lot. One of these cases particularly marked him, because the granddaughter of the so-called witch was able to tell the story to her mother just before she breathed her last. So she left with a sweet smile on her lips and tears in the corners of her eyes. All her life, she had blamed herself for her mother's disappearance, convincing herself that it was her fault if she had abandoned her. Knowing that this was not the case brought him peace, not to mention his daughter whose life had also been colored by this family burden.
To the extent that these specific cases affect the very closed and more or less esoteric underground environment, Jarod presents himself as a private detective, even if “he smells the cop three kilometers away”, as Dick reproaches him. That said, since he's the ghost of a gangster from the 50s from Chicago, we can understand his position vis-à-vis the police... And he gets along like hell with mine, Charlie, whom I adore, so I have to tolerate him more or less – and don't try to atomize him more than once a week.
— Yes, she never stopped the research, I answer on behalf of Charlie. Only the mother remains in Kentucky, but every year, on the anniversary of her daughter's disappearance, she offers a reward of five thousand dollars to anyone who brings her something likely to find her. Knowing that this dates from 1988 in Atlanta.
“So I’ll leave tomorrow,” sighs my husband. I'm relieved that this is the last time because it's really hard to break the news to families. On the one hand, they are eager to finally have confirmation of what happened to their loved one, and on the other...
— You allow them to turn the page, I said to him gently, taking him in my arms. This is a first step towards healing their injury. It is important. I am very proud of what you do.
—And the jet is ready. He will be waiting for you tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. at the private airfield,” Charlie adds cheerfully, while Jarod tenses up when I report it to him.
Indeed, this private plane is a more or less sensitive subject. We bought it with the dirty money of Merlin & Cie, the Magi holding company diverted by Charlie for our benefit, and Jarod has difficulty appreciating this “abuse of social good”, as he describes it.
However, it must be admitted that it is very practical, which he reluctantly admits. It's also his righteousness that I like about him, because he balances us from a moral point of view. It must be said that for Charlie and me, the rules can easily be circumvented without it stopping us from sleeping.
Despite my husband's internal conflict over our means of transportation, I continue with Charlie's intention.
— Could you also plan a trip for the end of next week? For Paimpol?
— Ah, he convinced you then? Great, I'll take care of that too, doll. And I can't wait. I've dug up everything I could about Arthurian legends, and I'm sure there's a treasure hidden in the Brocéliande forest!
Here we go again. Because Charlie's big hobby is treasure hunting. Since pirate Jean Lafitte's was discovered last year, he has been passionately searching for anyone mentioned who has not yet been located. In addition, Dick enthusiastically supports him and they have already managed to find a Spanish galleon sunk during the first explorations of the continent, the contents of which brought a small fortune to our foundation.
Yes, because all the proceeds from the illegal sales that Charlie organizes on the darknet will feed the foundation that we created to welcome Mages rejected by their community. Without powers, they should have been executed but since our intervention, my sister and Dimitri have changed the situation.
We have also renovated and transformed the estate for this purpose. To date, we have eighteen little residents aged seven to eight, as well as a dozen mothers, who have taken refuge with us to learn to live in the human world. My sister, Sybille, undertook to introduce them to the creation of herbal potions that we sell online around the world through the esoteric store that we relaunched. A way for us to honor the memory of Sarah, our grandmother who died because of the Magi, by bringing the “Pythian Oracle” back to life for a positive purpose.
It's working like crazy, because we had a lot of faithful people who were clamoring for it since the store exploded in Paris. For four months now since we relaunched the 2.0 site, we have even reached one hundred and fifty thousand followers on our store's social networks. Sybille regularly draws cards online for private guidance, and her appointment book is full from one month to the next in just a few minutes. Her husband, Dimitri, is doing research with the Mage Archivist of each continent to develop spells that the little ones could use, even if their aura is not awakened.
Because plants also have powers! In particular the magnolias of the property which we cultivate with particular care. It must be said that they received the energy of my fairy ancestors and that must certainly play a role. Still, we noticed that with certain potions, children were able to cast some minor spells. This helps them a lot psychologically to accept their difference.
Because being rejected when you don't fit the agreed mold is particularly painful for these kids. I know something about this, because I myself have had the impression of being apart all my life. As much as I accept it now, I would have given everything to be like the others when I was younger.
Besides, this makes me think that we will have to go pick flowers to replenish the stock of energy potions. Very soon we have to fulfill a large order from a group in Mexico who needs it for a spiritual retreat. As Charlie can act on Nature thanks to the essence of the ancient ghost Jean, I take him with me not without a last hug to my husband. Why bother cutting flowers when he can just do it for me?

[1] There stands the fort of Knockgraffon Motte, renowned for being not only the coronation place of various kings, but also the gathering place of fairies.
[2] Inspired by the name of the Celtic warrior queen, from the Iceni tribe.
[3] Sister & Best Friend Forever: sister and best friend forever.

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